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May you have to stand for a long time on weak legs.

Another stone on your grave, you miserable wretch.

May you partner be an unfeeling brute.

May your wife be a witch.

May your misfortunes be food for gossip at the forge.

May you have neither meat nor soup.

May you suffer an unquenchable thirst.

May warts and chapped hands always be with you.

May your dreams and reflections be vile and bad.

May there be a griping in your stomach.

May a painful illness befall you.

May gout disfigure you.

May you lose both on the swings and the roundabouts.

May your offspring promise much and deliver little.

May you inherit bad teeth.

The curse of tramps be on you - poor and poorer.

Let the cat eat you and devil eat the cat.

Go in the name of the devil.

May the devil bring you to Ard na gCreach.

May the devil make a ladder of your backbone.

May your death be as a cat's in winter, without milk.

May impatience and anxiety come on you, you miserable wretch.

May you not live tomorrow.

May your friends have a fine day for your burying.

May you be killed by a Sasenach.

May the grave be your bed.

May you be dead before morning.

A white bed to you, you bedraggled drunk.

May your growing pains be death pains.